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Hunter Focus is a premium nootropic with unique ingredients formulated to give you an advantage over your competition.
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Time to think again

Hunter Focus is a premium nootropic supplement designed to deliver clarity in a world full of distractions. This supplement provides clear thinking and laser sharp focus, to give you the edge over all of your competition.

  • Highest quality on the market
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Tailored for high achievers
  • Safe and scientifcally backed

The nootropic advantage

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Optimised mind

Unlock and access a level of concentration you've never experienced with citicoline1

Increased clarity

Increased clarity

Think with crystal clear accuracy thanks to the help of phosphatidylserine2

Creativity unleashed

Creativity unleashed

Solve complex problems and generate new solutions with Bacopa monnieri3

Cognitive enhancement

Nootropics are the latest in supplement technology, aiming to increase your productivity to help you achieve more in the same amount of time. Hunter Focus is the leader of the pack. Its emphasis on extremely high quality is unmatched in the field.

  • Transparent formula
  • Scientifically designed
  • Made to unparalleled quality
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Main Ingredients



Destress, remain calm and keep a level head at all times with Passionflower extract1.



Our formula has been comprehensively researched to provide you with cutting edge nootropic ingredients. That’s why there’s 100mg of phosphatidylserine in every serving.

Matcha Green Tea

Bacopa monnieri

This leafy, flowery herb is found in exotic climates all over the globe. You’ll find 200mg of Bacopa monnieri in every serving of Hunter Focus.

The smart solution to mental fatigue

This exciting new supplement category is taking the world by storm. Using the latest science, we’ve crafted the highest quality nootropic money can buy – all from natural, safe ingredients.

Transform the way you think. Purchase Hunter Focus now.

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Feeling good!

Wow, even before taking this supplement I was blown away by its quality. It’s definitely premium as shown in its striking packaging (ok the label is nothing special BUT it feels great in your hand) Anyway, why did I choose Hunter Focus? I needed something to increase my concentration at work –as a project manager it can get quite stressful and there’s no time to drop the ball! First month down and I’m feeling better than ever. I no longer get those meeting nerves or distracted by those never ending calls and emails… (no stress, theyll get answered eventually). I’m on a roll and I plan to stay that way. Thanks Roar Ambition


Early days but good signs

Been taking Hunter Focus for just over two weeks now and can already see some positive small changes. I like the natural ingredient profile and the way each one helps to keep me focused at work. Noticing improved motivation and a better mood too. Early days like I say … but will keep taking


Great doses

I’m always a bit wary when trying a new nootropic. Hunter Focus also hasn’t been around that long so again, that made way for skepticism. But I was actually pleasantly surprised by Hunter Focus. The nootropic is packed with huge effective doses, which gives it its brain boosting power.

I’ve been taking the supplement for at least 4 months now and have experienced some great improvements in terms of my focus levels, attention and mood. I used to struggle to remain calm in stressful situations and my anxiety would be through the roof. With Hunter Focus, I’m able to maintain a positive outlook. I can’t recommend it enough.


Natural & effective nootropic

As a father to 3 kids and with an office job that I seem to run away with sometimes, it can be hard to switch off from work. Honestly… I needed something natural and effective to help me switch my focus. I tried a bit of meditation but then found Hunter Focus to help me relax and prioritize. My mental energy is so much better and I no longer let stressful situations get to me..
And I’ve also given Hunter Test a go and find it works great stacked with Hunter Focus to keep me in the best shape – physically and mentally. Will keep taking.

Pros: Potent formula, no harmful ingredients, works well with other Hunter supplements
Cons: Tad expensive


Love the no caffeine

I’ve tried a few nootropics that are absolutely packed with caffeine… what’s the need ? You just get an unnatural energy boost then a nasty energy crash.No thanks. Thankfully, there’s no caffeine in Hunter Focus. It has worked wonders for keeping my brain sharp and my mood good. My wife likes it and so do i. I’ll keep taking Hunter Focus and recommend it to anyone looking for a premium nootropic.

5 Item(s)

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