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You know those gym sessions when you smash all your lifts, your muscles are pumping, and you feel like you never want to leave? The best pre-workouts improve every session by giving you:

  • Intense focus (without the crash)
  • More stamina and endurance
  • Faster progress

Without the right amount of focus and drive, you won’t achieve the results you want from your workouts. We designed 4 Gauge to ensure every gym session is the best you’ve ever had...

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How to find the perfect pre-workout

To find out what a pre-workout has to offer, you need to look at its ingredients and dosages.

Most pre-workouts are crammed so full of caffeine they can cause you to feel jittery and anxious, or cause energy crashes.

Others contain long lists of artificial or useless ingredients. At worst they can risk your health. And at best, they won’t improve your gym performance and waste your time and money. In response, our experts designed a better kind of pre-workout…

What Makes our Pre-Workout product

Quality over quantity

4 Gauge is our flagship pre-workout. In fact, it’s the only pre-workout in our range. Other brands spread their resources too thin and throw out hundreds of weak or harmful products.

By contrast, our fitness experts put all their focus and energy into giving YOU more focus and energy.

4 Gauge


A safer pre-workout

4 Gauge is a 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. It’s also free from wheat, gluten and soy.

To further ensure your safety, 4 Gauge is made to the FDA’s strict cGMP guidelines in the USA and UK. This helps prevent contamination and protects your long-term health.

So every time you buy a new bottle of 4 Gauge, you have peace of mind in knowing that you’re using a pre-workout you really can trust to improve your gym performance.

Transparent formula

Many pre-workouts still use proprietary blends – sub-formulas that list ingredients but not dosages. Most brands use this sneaky technique to hide formulas overdosed with caffeine and underdosed with other key ingredients.

4 Gauge doesn’t use proprietary blends, which means you can see for yourself how good the formula is.

For example, 4 Gauge contains only 150mg of caffeine – which is enough to give you what you need without giving you jitters. Plus, the caffeine in 4 Gauge blends with L-theanine to give all the focus and motivation caffeine offers – without the crash.

Safe, Natural and Effective

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4 Gauge is the most researched and developed pre workout on the market.

4 Gauge

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