2020 Vision Stacks

The New Year brings new possibilities. WHO is the person you wish to be in 2020? Someone toned; trim; confident; a leader? Anything is possible - but NOW is the time to lay the groundwork. For the first time, Roar Ambition has curated exclusive supplement stacks, each tailored to your 2020 goal.

Whether you intend to lose weight, get ripped or smash your workouts this year, we’ve got the stack for you. Choose yours today and get ready to achieve your 2020 vision!

Choose your stack:

The Ultimate Workout stack

01 The Ultimate Workout stack

  • x3 Bottles of TestoFuel
  • x3 Bottles of Instant Knockout
  • x3 Bottles of 4 Gauge
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

Get ready to see some SERIOUS results! Even better, it won’t only be you who notices them. Other people are also certain to see your gains.

Our fitness experts put together the Ultimate Workout stack ensuring it contains ALL the ingredients you need to engage workout beast mode: energy, focus, testosterone maximization and peak fat burning. It’s time to get ripped!

RRP: $507.00
You save: $78.00
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The Ultimate Premium stack

02 The Ultimate Premium stack

  • x3 Bottles of Hunter Test
  • x3 Bottles of Hunter Burn
  • x3 Bottles of Hunter Focus
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

Looking to optimize both body and mind? We made this stack for you. It's time to smash down those testosterone flood barriers and live the ultimate Alpha life.

The Ultimate Premium stack delivers the pinnacle of performance: mental agility, strength, vitality and physical appearance. We made this for premium men who want to get to the top… And stay there!

RRP: $675.00
You save: $100.00
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The Ultimate Prime stack

03 The Ultimate Prime stack

  • x3 Bottles of Prime Male
  • x3 Bottles of Instant Knockout
  • x3 Bottles of 4 Gauge
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

If this is the ultimate time in your life, extend it with our Ultimate Prime stack. Enjoy the long-term benefits of a testosterone boost with Prime Male. Stay in shape with Instant Knockout: our pro athlete-approved fat burner designed to help reduce body fat without losing lean muscle.

Finally, our advanced pre-workout, 4 Gauge, will power you onto new heights.

RRP: $519.00
You save: $80.00
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The Burn Together stack

04 The Burn Together stack

  • x2 Bottles of Instant Knockout
  • x2 Bottles of Hourglass
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

Scientific studies prove that we’re more likely to achieve a goal when we work in partnership. We’ve created this His ‘n’ Hers weight loss stack for the couple who intend to shed the pounds this year.

Want to look great for a forthcoming holiday or celebration? Choose a stack built around our most popular men’s and women’s fat burner and achieve your weight goals TOGETHER.

RRP: $228.00
You save: $59.00
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