Female Burn 120

96% of 100
  • x2 Bottles of Instant Knockout
  • x1 Bottle of Hourglass Fit
  • Free x1 Bottle of Hourglass Fit
RRP: $250.00
You save: $65.00

Instant Knockout

The 100% safe, natural and legal supplement that is proven to boost metabolic rate, reduce hunger cravings and deliver the energy you require to power through the day.

Instant Knockout features 10 of nature’s finest fat burners, all packed into one capsule. You get to enjoy around-the-clock fat burning that is both safe and effective.

  • Burns fat naturally
  • Natural appetite suppressant
  • Round-the-clock weigh loss support

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Hourglass Fit

It’s no secret that women face their own battles when it comes to keeping fit and active. Our bodies are different to men, and most fat burners simply don’t take this into consideration. Hourglass Fit delivers key nutrients for women like you, to keep you in fantastic shape.

Need to lose that extra inch, trim your waist, become leaner, gain speed, keep your diet on track and stave off those annoying energy crashes? Trust Hunter Burn.

  • Transparent formula
  • Designed for women
  • Made to the highest quality

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Love This Product!

I am a regular Instant Knockout user and absolutely stand by this product.

I have taken these fat burners for over 2 months now and have seen an incredible amount of change in my appearance. I had tried other fat burners before as I found that they were cheaper but then I came across a review on Instant Knockout.

Although a little more expensive, they are worth every penny. I spent $185 dollars on this product and in my opinion, they are by far the best Fat Burners on the market. The results are Unreal!

Thanks Instant Knockout, I can now get back into my swimming costume for my Honeymoon!


Prayers have been answered

I am a single mother who has recently decided to get back into the gym after years of working and looking after my two kids. Now that they have gotten older, I have decided to put my spare time into the gym.

I was referred through to the Instant Knockout website by a friend who told me about the benefits of Instant Knockout. I was a bit sceptical about using supplements but then found out that they are a natural product.

Within three weeks of taking Instant Knockout Fat Burners, I have started to see amazing results and feel sexy and confident again. I have recently got back on to the dating scene and these are truly helping me get my confidence back.


Feeling the difference

After having a baby, I’ve really struggled to lose that extra weight. No matter how much work I put in exercising or eating healthily, I just felt like I was hitting a dead end with my fat loss.. It got so bad, i stopped going out because my clothes just didn’t feel right. I decided to do some research and found Hourglass Fit for a boost. The reviews and testimonials sounded great and so I made the jump. I’m so glad I purchased the biggest pack, I got a FREE bottle and free delivery and now I’m set up for months to reach my ideal body!! So far, Hourglass Fit has been fantastic. It’s really easy to fit in around my day-to-day and I’m already feeling the difference. Let’s see what the next few months brings…


Need A Fat Burner – This is it!

The thing that attracted me to using Instant Knockout was the fact that the products are all natural. There are so many reviews online from many different sources that all give great ratings on Instant Knockout.

I decided to buy one box to see if I would see a difference in my weight. I have been overweight for years and have always struggled with saying ‘no’ to food. My mate has been getting me into the gym recently and I have been taking these fat burners as recommended by Instant Knockout.

Not only has Instant Knockout helped me to lose weight, it has also suppressed my appetite. I have the bug for the gym now and highly recommend using these fat burners. I will be re-ordering more as I am still not at my goal just yet.


Finally a fat burner for women

As an older woman I have found my metabolism has slowed down and it’s getting even harder to stay in shape. I never used to have to work this hard to stay healthy!! This is where Hourglass Fit made it easy. It’s helped me control my food intake and isn’t packed with all the harmful stimulants that you find in other fat burners. I’m impressed by the fact it also supports the immune system and lifts your mood. I’m yet to experience any noticeable weight loss but so far I feel really good and can feel it working.

5 Item(s)

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